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Class Descriptions



Align & Flow - All levels. Expect both precise alignment instruction bringing new understanding to your body and to form, and fluid movement. The class is deliberately spacious to be custom tailored to your own body and practice.

Core - Strengthen the muscles that support the low back, abs, thighs and core. Core Strength protects you from low back injury and weakness, holds you steady and keeps you upright in your standing poses, lends vitality in backbends, and enables you to maintain balance.  It provides a strong physical center.

Gentle - All levels.Focusing on slow, purposeful stretching and basic postures, breathing and balance. This class is accessible to all skill levels and ages.Beginner friendly.

Gentle Chair Yoga for Seniors - All levels. Seniors with mobility or balance limitations may appreciate the benefits of chair yoga. Chair yoga involves performing specific yoga poses while using the support of a chair. Chair yoga may help certain age-related problems, including reducing the risk of falls, improved mobility and reduced anxiety. Beginner friendly.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation - All levels. Come learn the basics of breath awareness and mindfulness. Learn to relate to life from a place of equanimity and calm, and live with less stress, fear and clinging. Beginner friendly.

Intro to Yoga - Beginner. A foundations based class focusing on proper alignment, yoga basics, and establishing a healthy practice. Great for brand new students and those looking to get back to basics.

Kids - Beginner. A In a playful and fun environment express yourself through yoga poses and movement exploration. In this class we create the space to flow and BE YOURSELF. Learn how to focus and practice being calm and energized all at the same time.  

Open Flow - All levels. In this vinyasa flow, movement is synchronized to the breath. It will almost always include one or more of the salutations and will not just build heat with movement, but also incorporate holding of poses for differing lengths of time.

Open Sit Unguided Meditation  - All levels. Come use the quiet studio space to practice 30 minutes of unguided mindfulness meditation on your own. Develop greater focus, clarity and well-being, while reducing stress and even managing painful conditions. Meditation is an excellent supplement to a regular yoga practice.

PreNatal Yoga - All levels. A holistic and thoughtful yoga sequence to help relieve aches and discomfort as well as to address common conditions during pregnancy. Learn techniques to stay calm and comfortable during labor, delivery and postpartum. Expect safe and gentle-to-moderate movement, restorative postures, breathing exercises, visualization, meditation, hands-on-assists, adjustments and light massage.

Power Vinyasa Flow - Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. A powerful and revitalizing form of fitness incorporating strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and physical and mental stamina in one session.  

R&R Restorative/Yin & Reiki - All levels. An hour of relaxing restorative poses with supported deep, passive stretching and healing Reiki to help melt away the stress and clear the mind. Beginner friendly.

YinYasa - All levels. A dynamic Vinyasa class followed by restorative Yin. Followed by wine and light refreshments on last Friday of the month (with occasional live music)

YinYasa 2 w/ Meditation - All levels. An energetic Vinyasa flow that synchronizes breath with movement into a seamless sequence of postures (asanas). Open to all levels, but the pace is more energetic, punctuated by longer holds to build strength and stamina. Geared toward a more seasoned student but offers plenty of modifications for a newer yogi to enjoy. Followed by a restorative Yin practice which allows you to stretch passively into connective tissue and melt into deep relaxation. This class includes a meditation. Open to All Levels but some yoga experience is a plus.